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Personal Licensing for Croupiers & Managers

"Get on your way to a career in the UK!"



At TIGA we will help you to complete all the necessary paper work required should you wish to apply for your PFL (Personal Functional License) or your PML (Personal Management License).



To work in any UK Casino you will need a license known as a PFL or PML. To get this is quite a complicated process and you will need to provide several documents as well as information about yourself to the Gambling Commission, who are the regulators of all gaming in the United Kingdom.



We can guide you through all of this process and complete the various forms, documents and checks required for you, as well as take them personally to the Gambling Commission on your behalf, in order to give you the best possible chance of acquiring the valuable UK license. In addition you will also need to complete a CRB (Criminal Records Bureau) check to insure your credentials, back ground and suitability to work in the Casinos of the UK.

"We specialise in assistance to experienced gaming staff from outside the UK looking for employment. We can help overseas applicants obtain a British license enabling them to get jobs and work in the British gaming industry."



We specialise in assistance to experienced croupiers from outside the UK looking for employment

We can help overseas applicants obtain a British Gaming Licence (PFL/PML), enabling them to work in the UK.

We can provide individual tailored training to both people who wish to improve their dealing skills or for complete beginners.

We can provide both class environments and one to one tuition to people who wish to learn to deal casino games, including Texas Hold'em Poker, all to recognised casino industry standards.

We can provide help and advice relating to all forms of licensing in the UK for both individuals and operators.



PFL application form from the Gambling Commission of the United Kingdom
Supplied by TIGA - available in information and application pack  


PFL photo ID form from the Gambling Commission of the United KingdomsSupplied by TIGA - available in information and application pack – this will also require 2 recent passport style photographs


Personal ID – Current Passport or National ID card
These MUST be original documents and MUST be valid and NOT out of date.


DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service)CRB check – form from the Criminal Records Bureau of the United Kingdom
For applicants outside of the UK it MAY be possible not to require this form, however, where possible we advise completion of this document in order to facilitate the best possible chance of acquiring a license.


Police record from the country of residence(s) over the last 5 years

This document MUST be translated into English and have an “official” stamp of validation and authentication from the relevant authorities required. Where applicants have lived in more than one country over a five year period it is essential to have this documentation from all countries/jurisdictions that have been lived in over this period.


All Applicants should please note that we are unable to process any applicantions until full payment has been received and has cleared with our bank. Payments are accepted by Bank transfer, PayPal, Cash and further details are available through the web site by clicking more info below, or by contacting us on request for current fees and exchange rates where applicable.


It should also be noted that all payments are NON-REFUNDABLE regardless of whether or not the license application is successful or declined.


TIGA will not be responsible for any discrepancies in the application processes and the applicant will be responsible for any legal or further investigations should these arise. When completing and signing these forms it is the applicant’s responsibility and liability to ensure all information is completed truthfully and no attempt to withhold information is made.


Any dscrepancies will be taken very seriously by us and the Gambling Commission and will almost certainly result in a negative outcome.


how to become a croupier in the UK

Alina-Livia Constantin, Croupier

“Thank you for a very professional and helpfull service, you made all the paperwork and document administration so easy, and now I have my UK License!"

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